How to prepare for a laparoscopy?

The patient normally arrives at the hospital the evening before the surgery is scheduled, but if the procedure takes place in the afternoon it is also possible to arrive on the morning of the operation.

The patient should start fasting from midnight the night before the operation (no drinks, no food, no tobacco).

There is no particular external preparation needed: just a disinfecting bath before the surgery.

If the surgery is long (hysterectomy, prolapse surgery, endometriosis…) patients are required to follow a special diet and usually the patient has to take a laxative solution the night before the operation in order to prepare the intestines and facilitate the operation (cf. residue-free diet ).

Like for any hospitalisation, it is useful to take with you:

  • your social security card and the complementary health care insurance card
  • all the x-rays, ultrasound scans, RMI or other recent tests (blood tests).

It is important to have consulted the anaesthesist at least 48 hours prior the date of the surgery.

In general, for the following surgeries: hysterectomy, laparotomy, coelioscopy, it is recommended that the patient gets admitted in hospital the afternoon before the operation.

This is to:

  • check the patient’s health file is complete (conduct supplementary tests if necessary such as x-rays)
  • prepare an appropriate intestinal treatment (laxative)
  • maintain an atmosphere of calm (not facilitated by an arrival on the morning of the operation)
  • prepare the area to be operated upon (hair removal, shaving, internal disinfection)

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