The IENA Center for Obstetrics Gynaecology (I. GO)has been devoted to gynecology and obstetrics since its creation in 2004.

The center is the result of the meeting and convergence of minds of several experienced Obstetrics Gynaecology practitioners (Ob-Gyns), each committed to the treatment and management of all aspects of women’s health and illnesses, including:

  • The prevention, screening, and treatment of gynecological cancers,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of  breast cancer, with an interdisciplinary team of oncologists (See ICM)
  • Diagnostic and operative colposcopy including laser therapy,
  • Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy,
  • Infertility and sterility assessment
  • Assessment of pelvic disorders and urinary incontinence.
  • Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) on an outpatient basis with endoscopic surgery including laparoscopic surgery
  • Pregnancy scans: ultrasound scans, antenatal tests and diagnosis,
  • Individual care during labour and delivery,
  • Postpartum re-education by trained midwives.

The I. GO Center has long been guaranteeing its patients optimal, modern and efficient daily health care.
This level of expertise has been achieved by regularly organizing Interdisciplinary Consultation Meetings (ICM), participating in academic and hospital exchange meetings, organizing numerous conferences including national and international learning courses.