What complications can occur after a laparoscopy?

Complications after this type of surgical procedure are uncommon.

However some complications are still possible:

  • those related to the type of the procedure itself:
    • Some are simple or low risk
    • Some are more complex and advanced so with a higher risk for the patient
  • or those related to the insertion of the trocar used to slide the operating instruments in the abdomen through the muscle wall

These are the most frequent complications a patient may encounter:

  • Wounded bladder or uterus
  • Digestive wound (intestine)
  • Vascular wound (artery or vein vessels)
  • Thermic burns of closely situated organs (caused by the electric current used for the coagulation)
  • Hematoma located in the area of primary insertion of the surgical trocars
  • Conversion to a laparotomy procedure (this is the need to enlarge the scar above the pubis, like a caesarian, to treat one of the above mentioned complications or to perform a planned procedure if it hasn’t been performed during the coelioscopy).

On the other hand complications and non-desirable effects related to imposed bed rest are minor as the patient recovers faster.

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