Unblocking Fallopian tubes

A Hysterosalpingography (HSG) procedure forms part of a regular battery of fertility checks. During this procedure the doctor can spot anything obstructing the entrance to the Fallopian tubes. If this is the case then the radio-opaque material used with the HSG that is injected into the area cannot penetrate the Fallopian tube.

As a consequence, sperm cannot fuse with ovocytes and so pregnancy cannot occur. A blockage in the tube may be linked to debris material or concretions which block the tube. The blockage can be either: an adhesion of the mucous membrane of the uterus just in front of the tube opening or a chronic inflammatory response in the ‘horn’ of the uterus which closes down the tube (this is most often a result of a former infection).

Using a hysteroscope the doctor can insert a fine catheter (Catheter Tubal Access® CCD) to unblock the tube and reestablish the canal. Thanks to the hysteroscopy, the doctor can gain access to the tube and check that there are not other obstacles further along the canal. The patient may even be able to fall pregnant if the causes of the initial obstacle do not persist.

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