Stereotactic (Mammotome®) Macro biopsy

Why perform a Macro biopsy?

For abnormalities that are not seen with ultrasound (for example, microcalcifications, distortions in tissue architecture, and discrepancies in micro biopsies) it may be necessary to perform a macro biopsy.

These are performed on a special radiology table because the tissue samples to be taken are identified with a stereotactic system (x-rays).

This biopsy is also conducted under local anesthetic and does not entail much discomfort.

Stereotactic (Mammotome®) Macro biopsy

The macro biopsy enables increased precision but it is not a method for treating cancer.

If the histology results confirm an atypical profile or a cancerous profile then further treatment in the form of  targeted surgery would be planned.

This type of biopsy is used to avoid open surgery when you are looking to analyse the nature of a tissue abnormality. Should the results be satisfactory, benign and consistent then there is no need for further surgery.

However, this form of examination is not appropriate for all situations.


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